Corporate strategy

We help you develop a stable strategy for an agile future.

The future has always been complex and uncertain – good reason to get proactive and start making a difference.


The world is constantly changing - in terms of economic might, technological advances, social developments and political upheavals. And nobody can predict how.

Our work is therefore focussed on one key question: how can businesses respond to an uncertain and challenging future with the agility and resilience they need?

Your options

Systemic strategy development

MPS ARCHONIC works with you to develop the strategic visions, organisational models and process landscapes that match your identity, your markets and the future of your business. Together we shape your individual transformation towards operational excellence and future expertise, giving you the strength and agility to handle everything that comes your way.

Focus on the value chain

Waste in the value chain - especially at the interface to the organisational processes - leads to a drop in efficiency, outages, higher costs and lower quality. This is why we always develop your future strategy "bottom-up" from your operational processes and their overall quality in terms of future value creation and customer satisfaction.

Complete transfer of experience and methods

With our interdisciplinary and individually tailored consulting approach we enable companies to achieve long-term self-organisation and independence in a world susceptible to dramatic and rapid change. We combine tried-and-tested strategy and process consulting approaches with coaching that addresses systemic organisational, leadership and cultural development.

Clear and attainable implementation roadmap

Corporate strategies often fail at the implementation stage. Resources and skills that are necessary to optimise operational processes are lacking at operational level. Which is why we develop your implementation roadmap and all the goals, milestones and work packages with the full involvement and training of the employees who will be responsible for implementing this change.

Methodical approach

Business analysis + target state

We create the space for you to take a creative and critical look at the future of your company from every angle with the help of innovative workshop methods. We don't just develop a business strategy from your visions and goals - we create a clear overall picture of who you are, your entrepreneurial strengths and what needs to be done to make your journey to the future a success.

Operational process analysis

We analyse your business processes with precision, consistency and appreciation. We include managers and employees, experts in their own work processes, in our process workshops from the very start. Together we look at all functional levels of your process landscape: corporate goals, strategies, organisation, culture, management systems, process roles, communication processes, interfaces and performance indicators.

Optimisation potentials

Based on the identified communication issues and process conflicts, we see your company as a holistic and functioning system and evaluate all the resulting optimisation potential in the respective departments. This allows identified micro-problems to be evaluated from different perspectives, categorised and prioritised with respect to their negative impact.

Fields of action + roadmap

The previously defined strategic goals are now synchronised with the operational conflicts. From this we model the required fields of action and optimisation initiatives.   With the help of measurable milestones, intermediate targets and feedback sequences, our implementation roadmap safeguards the targeted and agile change process.

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In a world of complex change and global uncertainty we enable people and their organisations to position themselves for the future.

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In a world of complex change and global uncertainty we enable people and their organisations to position themselves for the future.

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