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Increase customer satisfaction

Top customer feedback and repeat orders are the true quality criteria for your processes. Increase your customers' satisfaction by consistently aligning your value creation framework with market and customer needs.

Create + utilise synergies

Processes and work routines develop individually and organically - but not always in the right direction. Generate new synergies by optimising collaboration in your processes and the critical interfaces of value creation.

Reduce costs

Waste in your process landscape leads to a drop in efficiency, outages, higher costs and lower quality. Identify the real weak points in your value-added processes and reduce the costs you can really do without.

Methodical approach

Optimisation planning

We work with you and your employees to plan all the necessary transformation and optimisation steps. Defined goals and KPIs for strategy development must be translated into work packages in a way that is effective and easy to follow. Then again, targets and deadlines should not put excessive demands on the operational specialists. The scope for action and creative leeway should therefore be defined and agreed on at the outset with all stakeholders involved.

Process workshops

In our process workshops we turn managers and employees into experts in their own process optimisation. Using different process management methods, we combine business objectives and entrepreneurial thinking with the operational experience of employees. The result is not only a clearly defined target process, but also a clearly defined implementation plan and a trained team.

Organisational development

The process map and target processes prompt the question: What organisational form can we use to build a long-term organisational structure that will enable functioning and value-adding processes in the future? MPS ARCHONIC works with you to develop your organisational model of the future: including all organisational charts, management, decision-making and information flows to support your value creation processes.

Transformation roadmap 

We combine different success factors to achieve successful and sustainable implementation: clear objectives, planning and KPIs, training and implementation support for the teams as well as effective change and process management. This allows us to not only ensure the mandatory evaluation of all improvement measures, but also promote the continuous process improvement of the teams beyond the project itself.

Let's start to optimise your value chain processes.

In a world of complex change and global uncertainty we enable people and their organisations to position themselves for the future.

Let's get your project started on the right track.

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In a world of complex change and global uncertainty we enable people and their organisations to position themselves for the future.

Let's get your project started on the right track.

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