Analyse business processes and identify strategic fields of action

Rehfuss Drive Solutions
Business analysis and strategy

  • Process Analysis
  • Company Succession
  • Strategic Roadmap

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Rehfuss Drive Solutions
6 months
Project duration

Background and objectives

Rehfuss Drive Solutions GmbH specialises in drive technologies and related services. The aim of our joint project was to optimise the management, value creation and support processes and to identify strategic and operational fields of action for future management.


Implementation and challenge

1. Analysis of the organisation incl. interface processes. We worked together with the employees to visualise and analyse the current workflows, including all process, information and communication conflicts, with the help of questionnaires, group interviews and workshops.

2. Potential assessment of the identified fields of action. All process conflicts were categorised (process, interfaces and communication, organisational and leadership culture, strategy and management). The problems were then evaluated and prioritised through a cause-and-effect matrix.

3. Design of target processes and process maps. The future process and organisational structure in the company was again developed in tandem with the employees and visualised in a systematic process map.

4. Digitalisation and process map. Working together with the management, the design of the future process and organisational structure was digitalised and presented as an interactive process map.

5. Definition of strategic fields of action. All "hard" and "soft" optimisation potentials were brought together in a strategic roadmap with recommendations for strategic, organisational and cultural action.

6. Strategy consulting and succession planning. To ensure the company remains sustainable and competitive in the long term, four key fields of action were defined: generational change within the family, interdisciplinary product management, restructuring of purchasing and the management culture at the first and second management levels.

The result

Rehfuss Drive Solutions GmbH still benefits today from the strategic, operational and cultural reorganisation of its units. Perfectly controlled and precisely defined processes have delivered good outcomes for customers, while improved management and working practices have achieved long-term enhancement of the corporate culture and employer attractiveness.