Operational realignment of the MTA Design team

Process and organisational development

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  • Organisational Development
  • Business Coaching

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Prozessoptimierung FILTROX AG, St. Gallen (CH)
FILTROX AG, St. Gallen
8 months
Time frame
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Employees (worldwide)

Background and objectives

Optimisation of the core processes of the "MTA" team to increase process efficiency and performance


Implementation and challenge

1. Analysis of the process organisation and current processes. Current workflows, including all process, information and communication conflicts, were visualised and analysed together with the employees.

2. Potential assessment of the identified fields of action. All process conflicts were categorised (process, interfaces and communication, organisational and leadership culture, strategy and management). The problems were then evaluated and prioritised through a cause-and-effect matrix.

3. Design of target processes and process map. The design of the department's future process and organisational structure was again developed in tandem with the employees and demonstrated using an interactive process map.

4. Implementation roadmap and team coaching. The team received coaching and guidance on the independent creation of an implementation roadmap and continuous problem-solving skills.


The result

The team's daily work processes and routines were analysed and optimised with respect to operation, communication and culture. Throughout the entire project, the team not only learned how to use the methods for independent process improvement themselves - communication and problem-solving skills within the team were also strengthened in the long term.


Customer feedback

"You really impressed us with your structured approach and dedicated manner. We now have a completely realigned team with a strong willingness to change and a clear roadmap for implementing the process optimizations."

Dr. Cristian Rusch


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