Change Management

Successful change needs to be energised.

We generate the best impetus for change - so that your new working environments not only inspire the people in your organisation but also empower them to take ownership.

MPS ARCHONIC plans, designs and supports you in all phases of your change process. From establishing strategic objectives for your future work culture through developing your change competence to implementing a change and communication plan tailored to your individual needs - we get you up to scratch for the cultural and organisational changes that new work environments demand.

Your options

Vision and strategic objectives

Your new work environment requirements are diverse, complex and unique in many respects. Find out with us what your future working environment looks like and create a trailblazing, intuitively shared and motivating strategic objective.

Create clarity

Change often brings with it uncertainties and hostile grapevine communication that - once started - are difficult to put right. We therefore work with you as soon as the project starts to develop concise and plausible core statements that create clarity throughout the organisation about the circumstances, objectives and procedures of the project.

Strengthen readiness to change

Inclusion, co-determination and self-initiative with clear objectives and guidelines strengthen the readiness to change. We work with your employees to develop a path that best suits your change culture - because being included in the change process boosts the readiness for change.

Ensure change acceptance

We work together to determine how we can successfully organise your change process. Together we choose appropriate training formats throughout the project run-time that will gradually turn you and your employees into experts in your own change processes - because change is permanent.

Dialogue and networking

Ensuring a transparent exchange of information about the forthcoming changes appropriate to the target group is a key success factor. Giving employees opportunities to independently share their experiences, ideas and emotions and convert them into learning effects complements and enhances your change culture.

Generate sustainability

Organising change internally allows us to build a competence centre for change in your company that has impact within and beyond the project boundary. Multipliers, trainers or key users redistribute responsibilities and consistently include other stakeholders in your cultural change processes.

Methodical approach

Analysis + strategic objective

Designing a trailblazing, intuitively shared and motivating strategic objective focusses your vision of the future. Culture and organisation analyses reflect internal stakeholder groups and risk areas in the implementation of work environments and work culture(s). The result is a clearly defined top strategy from which all core statements and guidelines for the project's change objectives can be derived.

Change architecture

Vision, objectives and guidelines form the basis for the development of the change architecture. Here we use our own experience and the motivation of future users by enlisting an internal interdisciplinary change team. This increases the quality and acceptance of the change and communication measures in this phase which are developed iteratively in synchronisation with the defined project plan.

Active project support

Here we work closely together with the change team, multipliers and managers to conduct planned workshops, training sessions and team coaching sessions. Open dialogue and networking helps us strengthen the processing and feedback culture of all project stakeholders. Emotional, experience-focussed and digital communication measures ensure that the flow of information is appropriate to the target group.

Agile change management

The aim of project support is always to raise awareness and qualification of managers and employees of the upcoming transformation processes. Every plan must be adapted to reality. Change scorecards and agile change planning ensure that the project runs smoothly right through to completion. We evaluate this together with you on the basis of measurable and tangible quality indicators.

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We are your reliable and experienced partner for all your project needs. Every work new work environment is unique. Which is why we deliver customised solutions designed around the specific requirements of each project. We follow a systematic approach that ensures transparency and accountability for every stakeholder.

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