Business process analyses and derivation of strategic fields of action

Sonderhoff Group (now Henkel Adhesive Technologies)
Business analysis and strategy

  • Process Analysis
  • Culture, Leadership, Organisation
  • Strategy Roadmap

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Geschäftsprozessanalyse Sonderhoff Group (heute Henkel Adhesive Technologies)
Sonderhoff Group
6 months
Project duration
Employees (at three locations)

Background and objectives

The objective was to optimise the management, value creation and support processes in three group-internal GmbHs and identify strategic and operational fields of action.


Implementation and challenge

1. Analysis of the process organisation including interface processes.  Together with the employees we visualised and analysed the actual workflows, including all process, information and communication conflicts, with the help of questionnaires, group interviews and workshops.

2. Analysis of the management and communication culture: In addition to the strategic and operational activities, we also evaluated the location-specific features of the management and communication culture.

3. Digitalisation and process mapping: The design of the process and organisational structure was digitalised together with quality management and presented as an interactive process map.

4. Definition of strategic fields of action: All "hard" and "soft" optimisation potentials were brought together as part of an overall analysis for all three locations and handed over to the client with recommendations for strategic, organisational and cultural action.

The result

By working together on their process map, the Sonderhoff Group's managers and employees were able to benefit from a high level of transparency regarding their own operating and communication methods. Successful visualisation and the consolidation of activities allows management to look at their own company from a macro level and strategically manage other projects and initiatives.


Client feedback

""Your many years of experience as consultants for value creation and communication processes is true testimony to your commitment. We found your practical examples to be very inspiring - we were deeply impressed by your ability to respond to a wide range of personalities and issues"

Christian Schmitt
Senior Management Sonderhoff Group (now Henkel Adhesive Technologies)


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