Implementation of lean principles in production

Lean processes through Lean Management

  • Value Stream Design 
  • Trainings
  • Production Control

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Mechanical engineering
2014 - 2015
Time frame
8,000 sqm
Production area

Background and objectives

SEEPEX GmbH, headquartered in Bottrop, Germany, develops, produces and markets progressive cavity pumps, pump systems and digital solutions for wherever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media must be conveyed at low pulsation rates. With a global network of subsidiaries (production sites: Germany, China, USA), branch offices and representations, SEEPEX GmbH now enjoys an international presence in 50 countries. In order meet the challenges of successful development and enable further growth, SEEPEX GmbH planned to expand the production facility. After rigorous scrutiny of their processes, SEEPEX decided to optimise production according to lean principles.


Implementation and challenge

MPS ARCHONIC carried out a thorough analysis of all processes using value stream mapping. A target concept based on the value stream analysis was developed together with SEEPEX. This included reducing the interfaces between different departments, introducing KANBAN into the assembly process and creating one-piece flow cells. At the same time, employees and managers were trained in lean principles through workshops, lean games and eLearning provided by MPS ARCHONIC. Implementation workshops also helped smooth the transition to lean.


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