Implementation of lean principles in production

Lean processes through Lean Management

  • Value Stream Design
  • Work Environment Design
  • Process Optimisation

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Mechanical engineering
2017 - 2018
Time frame
2,000 sqm
Production area

Background and objectives

Pro-Aqua International manufactures an innovative cleaning system for private and commercial uses water as a filter. The cleaning system is successfully marketed in over 40 countries. Manufactured entirely in Germany at the Suhl site in Thuringia, Pro-Aqua's high-end cleaning devices have been on the market for over a decade. They were originally made by hand, but increasing sales demanded modern and more efficient production methods.


Implementation and challenge

With the use of lean production methods, MPS ARCHONIC reduced the throughput time to a tenth. The aim was to increase the production volume by more than 25%. MPS ARCHONIC therefore analysed and redesigned the factory using value stream design. The new concept was then implemented and fine-tuned in workshops with the employees. The new assembly facilities were temporarily set up and optimised in several sessions. This approach was key in increasing employee enthusiasm and boosting engagement.


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