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Increase productivity

In a competitive global marketplace your production processes must be under constant scrutiny to perform. We use production optimisation methods to increase output or reduce costs while maintaining the same quantity.

Enhance internal supply chain efficiency

An efficient production process depends largely on the reliable availability of intermediates from upstream production areas. Our proven methods enable us to optimise the advance production processes and thus ensure production runs smoothly. Your employees will spend less time troubleshooting and can focus more on continuous improvement issues. 

Reduce throughput times

Minimising throughput times is essential in order to identify and rectify problems at an early stage of the production process. Inventories held between production stages conceal potential weak points such as unreliable or faulty machinery or equipment. By using production optimisation methods, we help you create clarity and focus on the things that matter.

Reduce inventory load

Reducing inventories is extremely beneficial. This not only frees up tied-up capital, but also reduces the space required for production. This allows capital costs to be reduced while extending the useful life of existing buildings.

Increase quality

Targeted production optimisation can significantly increase the quality of your products by identifying and eliminating weak points in the production process. A precise analysis of the production processes allows you to identify potential sources of error at an early stage and take effective steps to improve quality.

Enhance employee satisfaction

The use of production optimisation methods promotes transparency in business decisions, actively involves employees in the process and fosters employee empowerment. The opportunity to influence everyday work practices plays a significant role in enhancing employee satisfaction and motivation.

Methodical approach


In order to optimise production, it is important to identify and minimise the seven types of waste: overproduction, transport, motion, inventory, waiting, overprocessing and defects. We carry out targeted analyses to help you identify waste in your processes.



Based on the results of the analysis, we work with your process managers to identify and then prioritise specific areas for action and draw up an implementation plan. To do this, we assess the impact on the overall performance of production, taking into account criteria such as cost savings, quality improvements and shorter delivery times.


We actively support you in realising your optimisation potential, such as implementing the Pull principle (Kanban) in order to manage your production efficiently. Here we work closely with your employees. With precise objectives, regular progress reviews and continuous feedback we work together to effectively implement the targeted improvements.


In order to remain competitive in the long term, we support you in optimising or introducing CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) and shop floor management. These approaches enable companies to establish a culture of continuous improvement. By actively involving employees in identifying improvement potential and delivering solutions, you not only strengthen your competitive position, but also meaningfully boost employee loyalty.

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