Logistics planning and optimisation

Fast and reliable logistics solutions for better performance

Carrying too much inventory ties up capital, while too little leads to supply bottlenecks. Your processes can only be agile and flexible when the logistics processes are optimised. Our logistics consultancy makes sure that supplying your customers is cost effective and demand based thanks to efficient material flows. The objective is to identify optimisation potential, reduce costs and design processes in such a way that they can be quickly adjusted to changes in demand, and offer your customers the best possible delivery service. Without excessive inventories tying up your future capital assets.

Our logistics consulting services deliver fast and reliable logistics - for better performance.

Your options

Value-adding processes

We make your logistics process transparent and identify logistical bottlenecks. Following a detailed root cause analysis we work together with your team to determine the leverage required to achieve short throughput times and low inventories.

Individual warehouse planning

We take over the realignment and optimisation of your warehouse planning. Using a systematic and holistic approach we adapt the concept, automation level and necessary storage technologies to your processes to deliver the most economical and efficient solution for you.

Transparent inventory

We work with you to develop cross-company implementation strategies for inventory planning and control. You can then take charge of your future inventory optimisation without compromising on delivery capability and adherence to delivery dates.

Coordinated building structures

During the target planning stage our interdisciplinary planning team works with you to create a joint spatial and process overview. Cooperation across all planning phases through to implementation leads to numerous synergy effects and enhanced quality outcomes.

Attractive working environment

A company is only as good as its employees. See your attractive and modern production environment as the jewel in the crown of your company. It will help you attract new and skilled workers and increase employee satisfaction.

Methodical approach


Our analysis lays the foundation for the planning process. Firstly, we analyse the specific needs of your site and building structures. We select the most suitable method for documenting and analysing your logistics processes, then assess the quality of your processes and identify the potential for improvement.



Based on the findings of the analysis we create several concepts for you that harmonise your objectives with the actual influencing factors and respective site restrictions. We evaluate the results together with you on the basis of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Detailed planning

Here we refine the concept by further planning of the logistics processes. We give a structured presentation of the respective requirements for the supplier queries. We also determine the technical requirements for the building.


Together we turn your ideas into reality. We support you from choosing suppliers to preparations for implementation and production ramp-up.

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Client feedback

"We were able to confirm the viability of a logistics solution within a client's project with experts from MPS ARCHONIC and assess different options during the planning process. MPS ARCHONIC's expertise was upfront and invaluable from the moment we started working together, helping us define our goals and get the project going on the right foot. These goals were continuously reviewed during the workshops and ultimately achieved."


Tobias Zeibig
Large-Scale Projects Leader, InfraServ GmbH & Co. Wiesbaden KG

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